Heal the emotional wounds of childhood

Experience life more fully, connect more deeply, and make more of a difference

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Self-Esteem Issues

Feelings of worthlessness, inadequacy, or being unlovable are common. They might have a strong inner critic or constantly seek validation from others.

Difficulty with Trust and Intimacy

Early experiences can make it hard to trust others or open up emotionally, leading to difficulties forming or maintaining healthy relationships.

Unhelpful Coping Mechanisms

People might turn to substances, self-harm, or avoidance behaviors to manage difficult emotions.

Emotional Dysregulation

Difficulty managing anger, sadness, or frustration can lead to outbursts or withdrawal.

Anxiety and Depression

Unprocessed emotions can manifest as chronic anxiety or depressive symptoms.

A Lack of Purpose and Direction in life

Many people feel stuck, like they are going through the motions but carry a general feeling of unhappiness with their current life path. They may try different things without finding anything that feels truly fulfilling.

Most people are unaware of the emotional wounds they carry from their childhood

Emotional wounds from childhood affect us in the here and now by causing:

If you identify with any of these issues then you are not alone.

Many people are struggling with these issues
And these issues are really difficult to deal with; especially on your own.
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Experience life more fully

Discover how to feel your feelings and express them in healthy ways, uncover your true self, and gain more control of your life.

Connect more deeply

Discover the power of vulnerability, develop the skills to set healthy boundaries, and experience a true sense of love and belonging.

Make more of a difference

Discover what your heart really wants, create a purpose and find your motivation, and start feeling fulfilled living a life you love.

Emotional education has allowed me to be the person I was meant to be, not the person I was made to be

What do I know?

My name is Matthew Gibson and I help people overcome their emotional wounds from childhood. 

I have done many courses, seen a number of therapists and counsellors, and read a lot of books!

I have worked with eminent educators, such as Jean Bond, author of Behind the Masks: Discovering Your True Self, and developed and run my own courses.

I have a Masters in Social Work and worked as a child protection social worker for many years before I gained my PhD, focusing on emotions and specifically on shame.

I have been lucky enough to attend the courses offered by the Centre for Emotional Education and the impact on my life has been profound: from helping me decide upon my vocation to proposing to my wife, I have relied upon the principles that are taught to help guide me to choose love over fear. What I have learnt through attending the courses has been nothing short of transformatory

Here is my method for healing emotional wounds of childhood and creating a life you love:


Gain awareness of your experience and how this impacts on you and your life now, grow from your experience by using it to develop a deeper understanding of your true self, and discover your purpose


Learn the tools and techniques needed to break free from the patterns of feelings, thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back so you can feel your feelings, express yourself more authentically, do more of what you want in life, and connect more deeply with others.


Get live help, support, coaching, mentoring, and accountability from regular live check-ins and an online community of people who get it because they are going through what you are

Time does not heal all wounds

Without awareness we have no foundation to know that things can be different

Without action we have no way of effecting change

Without support we have little chance of making any change last

Things can be different, you can get more from life, and you can live a life you love

And you don’t have to do it on your own