We help people to feel and to express how they feel in healthy ways

So they can experience life more fully, connect more deeply, and make more of a difference

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We help people to feel without repressing, suppressing, ignoring, or masking what their feelings. We help to uncover why they feel what they feel and to overcome their emotional wounds from childhood.We foster emotional healing while helping people learn the important lessons from their experience to gain understanding and compassion for themselves, clarity and direction in their lives, and courage and confidence to create a life they love.

Emotional education has allowed me to be the person I was meant to be, not the person I was made to be

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I have been lucky enough to attend the courses offered by the Centre for Emotional Education and the impact on my life has been profound: from helping me decide upon my vocation to proposing to my wife, I have relied upon the principles that are taught to help guide me to choose love over fear. What I have learnt through attending the courses has been nothing short of transformatory

"This book has changed my life"

Discover the secrets to a more satisfying and fulfilling life in Jean Bond's Behind the Masks: Discovering Your True Self