003 Behind the mask: Overcoming the need to please and be liked. With Jade Murden

We all have a need to please and be liked by others but sometimes this becomes a driver for more than just a need for healthy affection and approval. It can become part of who we are. It can drive us to let ourselves down or sell ourselves out. But if it is possible to do that then it begs the question who is letting who down or who is selling who out? What is the part of us that we know to be us and what is the part of us that is getting in the way?

This episode shines a light on these moments to look at what is going on inside us. How we have adapted to our context as we grew and developed and how we have come to develop parts of us that have taken us away from our true self. In this episode we talk about a particular part of us that feels it needs to please others and be liked by them.

In this episode you will learn:   

  • How different parts of us can be defined as masks
  • How these masks hide our true self, our true desires and passions, our feelings 
  • How they put limits on our experience and get in the way of connection and belonging
  • Why it is important to get behind the masks and discover your true self  
  • How masks may be hard to see and get behind
  • How getting behind them is liberating (but also scary at the time) 
  • How pleasing others can become a need 
  • How to become aware of, and overcome, this need to please and be liked by others
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