009 The benefits of expressing your emotions authentically. With Joanne Barry

There are many benefits of expressing our emotions authentically. Being able to know what you are feeling and be able to communicate that to someone else, without fear of judgement or consequence, is a true expression of who we really are. It allows others to really know us. It allows us to develop deep and meaningful connections with people. It allows us to experience life as satisfying and fulfilling. Yet it is hard to do. In this episode I talk to Joanne, a counsellor and therapist, about what she has learnt about the benefits of expressing our emotions authentically and how to achieve this. 

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Why people are unable to know what they feel
  • Why people are unable to communicate how they feel
  • What the problems are of not knowing and communicating how we feel
  • How to express our emotions authentically
  • How expressing emotions authentically creates deep connections
  • How to protect yourself from those who do not have your wellbeing at heart
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