013 What stops you getting the life you want (and what will help). With Jean Bond

This episode is about the things that stop you getting the life you want. The blocks and barriers that get in the way. The rules, expectations and limitations that society provides that narrow our vision of what life can be. The schooling system that lets us down. And our families that aren’t able to validate all of us. It is about that part of us that is honest and true for us – who we really are – and how to do something meaningful with our lives from that place. It is also about what you can do move in the direction of fulfilment, meaning, and satisfaction

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The 3 main barriers to getting the life you want
  • The societal barriers
  • The educational barriers
  • The family barriers
  • How Jean answered these questions for herself and how she changed her life
  • The main attribute that helps in getting the life you want
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