022 Creating healthy boundaries and how this helps your life and relationships. With Joanne Barry

Boundaries are an essential ingredient of making the most of your life because they relate to how you treat other people and how you let others treat you. They are the foundations of healthy relationships, whether romantic, familial, with friends of colleagues at work. So how much time have you thought about your boundaries? Do you know what they are and where you draw the line? Have you discussed these with the people you are in relationship with? In this episode I talk to Joanne Barry, a therapist, about what we mean by boundaries, where they come from and why they are a reflection of who you are and your relationship with yourself. We talk about the importance of doing work to know your boundaries and how this takes you to work on knowing yourself and finding your sense of worthiness to put in place boundaries and enforce them when necessary.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What boundaries are
  • Why boundaries are an essential ingredient to healthy relationships
  • How boundaries are an essential ingredient to making the most of your life
  • What healthy boundaries look like
  • Why healthy boundaries may create more conflict but make your relationships stronger
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