024 How to be and how to stay authentic. With Jean Bond

What does it mean to be authentic? If we don’t know what it is, it is very hard to know how to be it! In this episode, I talk to Jean Bond about what it means to be authentic. We discuss the meaning of authenticity and the practice of authenticity, that is, staying true to yourself in challenging situations. Modern life poses many difficulties in terms of staying true to ourselves and it can be difficult to know what it means to be authentic in all of these situations. We go over a few examples and give ideas of how to ensure we can remain authentic while respecting others around us.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What authenticity it
  • How to be authentic
  • How to remain authentic in difficult relationships
  • When to end relationships if there are too many threats to your ability to be yourself
  • When to end a job or work if there are not enough opportunities to be yourself
  • How to stay authentic in the midst of modern day challenges
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