029 Shame, control, and finding emotional freedom

What you feel shame about says more about society and the way it controls people than it does about you. Yet we feel shame so intensely, painfully and personally. We too often focus on how we are failing or inadequate that we don’t take the more important lessons about how society seeks conformity and supports the status quo – a status quo that benefits some and disadvantages others. At the heart of shame experiences is a tension between us as individuals and our place in society. If we don’t explore our shame we will not be able to really find the courage to follow our passions and do what we really want to with out lives. In this episode, I discuss what shame is, how it shows the standards and expectations that control us, and the way to find freedom from such emotions.

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • What shame is
  • How shame is a reflection of societal control
  • How the standards and expectations that we fail to meet are set by others
  • How to break free from those mechanisms of control
  • How shame work is important to making the most of your life
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