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My name is Matthew Gibson. I am an Associate Professor at the University of Birmingham and I teach and research on topics related to child abuse and neglect and emotions.

I have undertaken numerous research projects, written peer reviewed academic papers, and written a couple of academic books, all related to harm, emotions, and overcoming difficulties. 

I was introduced to emotional education by Jean Bond and Tim Jennings who were running the Centre for Emotional Education at the time. They had developed a way of working with people that was really transformative for me and thousands of others. 

Jean wrote Behind the Masks: Discovering Your True Self. She developed the first ever academic qualification in emotional education in the world with the University of Derby. And her work has been featured in places like TEDx, the BBC, and the Sunday Times. 

I now run the Centre for Emotional Education, taking what I have learnt from their work and what I have discovering in my research to provide online education that helps people to express who they really are, discover what they are really capable of, and make a real difference in the world. 

This course was one of the best things that happened to me. It allowed me to feel ‘normal’, accepted, safe, loved and that I could trust people again

Where it all began

Jean seemed to have it all, a good job, a good house, a good husband, but deep down still felt that there was something missing, that there must be more to life than this! The problem was that she did not know what that ‘more’ was. 

She was introduced to a personal growth course that changed her and how she saw herself and the world. Already being a University lecturer, this life changing experience set her off on a new path to teach people something very different to what is taught in schools and Universities. 

She developed her own personal growth courses that addressed the serious problems with the ones that you mostly come across. She wanted to put compassion, connection, and courage at the heart of these courses and it turned out to be hugely successful. 

Since then she has taught thousands of people and helped them overcome feeling stuck, trapped, alone, stressed, anxious, insecure, fearful, and not good enough. She has helped them to find their real selves, discover their unique talents and passions, and realise their potential. Her courses have been the foundation for people to live more authentically, have more satisfying relationships, and live more fulfilling lives. 

Jean and Tim set up the Atlow Mill Centre for Emotional Education, developed an academic qualification in emotional education, and set up a training programme for new facilitators of her work and courses. Matthew, Joanne, and Jade have all been taught by Jean and gained the academic qualification. 

The business moved online and so became the Centre for Emotional Education as it no longer had a physical building in Atlow in Derbyshire, England. But the work continues and continues to find new ways to make more of an impact on people’s lives. 

You can read Jean’s story of how it began here

It was like being handed the keys to a prison cell and being released… it has completely changed my outlook and behaviours

"What I have learnt through attending the courses has been nothing short of transformatory"

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