"This book has changed my life"

This is one of the most important books you will ever read. Insightful, practical, and accessible, Jean Bond’s approach will help transform your understanding of yourself, what you do with your life, and how you relate to those most important to you.

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What people are saying about 'Behind the Masks'

"The beauty of the book is overwhelming in its integrity and openness. The intricate details and gritty realism that Jean provides about her personal life and the stories that unfold through the meetings with her clients are full of refreshing hope and wisdom"
Joseph Augustine
"This is a remarkable book - honest, illuminating and uplifting. Personal growth is not an easy area to approach and Jean draws on her own personal experience to illustrate concepts that might otherwise be difficult to understand. I'd recommend keeping a notepad handy so that you can write down the thoughts this book can stimulate"
Davina Roe
“Superb. This book gives an excellent overview of emotional education and helps improve awareness and understanding of yourself and others, it has been really inspiring and insightful, encouraging me to 'step into my power'"
Matt Kelly
"Excellent reading and still relevant. Anyone who wants more understanding of themselves should read this book"
Pauline Simons
"This book will change completely your way of thinking"
Claude Perrier
"This book changed my life"
Jo Smith

What’s Inside the Book?

How to Discover Your True Self

There is more to life than this and it starts with discovering who you really are. Find out how to understand your past, face your fears, and break down the barriers to an authentic and honest future.

How to Connect Deeply with Others

Love is the compass to our potential and fear stands in the way of truly seeing, hearing, and understanding ourselves and others. Find out how to choose love over fear, connection over isolation, and develop satisfying relationships.

How to Get the Most Out of Life

Find out how to participate in life in a joyful, energetic, and engaged way, to become who you truly are, and find your purpose.

About the Author

Jean Bond

Jean was a University lecturer, researcher, and author and set up and ran the Atlow Mill Centre for Emotional Education. Over the last 4 decades, she has helped thousands of people find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in their lives and relationships. In this book, you will learn from her life changing methods, insights, and experiences.  

"Jean Bond's personal and intimate style makes this book a true gift from one human being to another"

Ram Dass

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