020 Are you taking the fear choice or the growth choice in your life? With Jean Bond

When we are faced with important decisions, how do we know if the decisions you are making are based in fear or based in personal growth? What or who do you rely on to help you with those decisions? How well do they know you? How well do you know yourself to know what would best for you? Some fears are obvious. Some less so. So how do you know is something is fear based? Growth is less familiar than fear and can sometimes be scary! So, how do we know if we are taking the fear choice or the growth choice? In this episode, I talk to Jean about these issues to look at what these different choices are, why they matter, how to know them, what lies ahead from both of them, and why a growth choice is worth taking

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What the fear choice and growth choice are
  • Why these matter
  • Why the growth choice is worth taking
  • How to know what is a growth choice
  • The ingredients for a fulfilled life
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