015 How to decide what to do with your life. With Jean Bond

If you want to make the most of your life you have to know how to decide what do to with your life. The problem is that we are not taught how to do this, asked the right questions to help us think about how to do this, or given the right support to make these decisions. We are left with a lot of unconscious processes making important decisions for us, only to find that we have gone down a path that we do not want to be down. We may have made the wrong decision for the wrong reasons. We may have made the a good choice but for the wrong reasons. Or we can make the right decision for the right reasons, if only we knew how to get to that point. In this episode, I talk to Jean Bond about what it is like to live a life that isn’t the right one for us and how to get to the point where we can make the right decision for the right reason.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The three positions you can take to make life decisions
  • The root of unconscious processes
  • How your unconscious processes play out in life decisions
  • The position you need to get to, to be able to make the right decision
  • How to get unstuck and unsure about making life decisions
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