014 In life, self-awareness is the booby prize (and what you need instead). With Joanne Barry

We are sold the idea that we need self-awareness. There are many claims made for how self-awareness improves people’s lives and relationships. But in this episode, I talk to Joanne Barry, a therapist and facilitator of emotional education courses, about what the limits of self-awareness are, what we need to be more aware of, and what else we need to really make a difference in our lives and relationships.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How self-awareness can provide an illusion of progress
  • How self-awareness can be a distraction from how you really feel
  • How self-awareness necessarily leads to being uncomfortable feelings
  • How we also need self-compassion, commitment, and a range of other skills
  • Where we can go to get the awareness, compassion, commitment, and skills we need
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